Being a parent and having an abuse problem brings significant challenges for treatment. In most cases, the children have to go into foster care for a period of time until the mom/dad are able to take on the parenting duties again or until the court would actually rule that you are a fit parent.

There are a few treatment centers that will accommodate a mom/dad with children. These centers are uniquely designed to handle the daily needs of your children such as: school, extracurricular activities, family counseling, play times, bedtimes, food and clothing needs.

Just because you must bring your children with you should not mean you cannot receive the necessary treatment that you need to be a healthy, sober family. There is hope for you and your children.

Treatment Center Checklist

Are you considering a treatment center? Here are some helpful topics for you to review before you decide on a particular program.


Residential Beds for Client's Children

Find a rehab center that allows you to have your children close.

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