Ecstasy, a synthetic, man-made drug, can have qualities of a hallucinogenic, stimulant or a depressant. Ecstasy generally comes in a pill form that is about the size of an Advil. Pure Ecstasy, the substance MDMA, resembles a powdery substance that can be snorted for a more intense high.

Because Ecstasy is man made it is often laced with dope or speed. Dealers know that they can combine more addictive drugs with MDMA (Methylenedioxymethamphetamine) to get more people hooked. Ecstasy manufacturers also use colors and interesting pictures to make Ecstasy pills seem less dangerous. 

Ecstasy is most prevalent in the night club or "rave" scene. People abuse pills like Ecstasy in these kinds of settings to have more energy, dance better, "feel" the music, and feel friendlier. Others say they abuse Ecstasy because the drug helps them overcome their fears.

Ecstasy Side Effects

While Ecstasy may create very pleasurable feelings and increased energy, the negative side effects that go along with the drug are extremely dangerous. Immediately following the high produced from Ecstasy, a person will experience anxiety, insomnia, mood swings and depression.

Ecstasy has a direct effect on the body's temperature, and increases a person's energy. Dancing for long periods of time with all this Ecstasy energy can lead to dehydration or overheating. 

Long term use of Ecstasy leads to problems in the brain with cells that produce serotonin. Serotonin levels control our mood, pleasure, appetite, learning and memory. Research involving people who abused ecstasy for an extended period of time proves that ecstasy abusers suffer significant problems with memory and learning for many years after they abuse the drug.

Long term use of Ecstasy also leads to a tolerance where more is needed to produce the same effect. More importantly, Ecstasy is extremely psychologically addicting. 

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