Opana is the brand name for oxymorphone an opiate used for treatment of moderate or severe pain and works in a way similar to that of morphine. Due to the increased difficulties in obtaining Oxycontin, Opana abuse has increased in popularity. Unlike other addictive painkillers like Vicodin, Percocet, and Oxy, Opana abusers are at a high risk of drug overdose.

Even though Opana can be effective in treating pain, users can inadvertently become addicted after prolonged use.

Getting Help

An Opana addiction is treated much like other treatment programs for opiates. Due to the withdrawal symptoms, it is recommended that an Opana addict attend a professional detox treatment facility. Some common withdrawal symptoms include muscle cramping, bone pain, nausea and vomiting, and emotional distress.

Because of the difficulties associated with the detox stage of the Opana addiction treatment, it is important for the addict to undergo the detox process in a controlled environment where addiction treatment professionals will help them through the hardest parts of the withdrawal process.

Treatment Center Checklist

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