When the central nervous system of a person experiences pain due to ailments like arthritis, fractures, or even during labor, doctors prescribe certain prescription drugs to help minimize the pain. 

These prescription drugs are narcotic in nature: for example, drugs like Vicodin, Morphine, etc. Similarly, Oxycodone, a Schedule II drug, is prescribed to patients suffering from severe pain disorders. Oxycodone suppresses the central nervous system, which helps decrease pain. This powerful painkiller is highly addictive in nature and can alter a user's mood. 

Oxycodone is available under different brand names like Oxycontin which is the most common name, Percocet, Tylox, and Percodan. Since Oxycodone is a prescribed drug, possessing it by illegal means is a criminal offense that leads to prosecution. However, within the last ten years, its popularity among drug addicts has increased significantly and so has its illegal use and subsequent abuse.

Apart from pain, Oxycodone also acts as a cough suppressant and helps reduce anxiety. It leads to euphoria and assists in mental relaxation. Taking Oxycodone for these reasons is dangerous because of the high risk of addiction. 

Oxycodone Side Effects

There are several side effects associated with Oxycodone usage in its prescribed form. Many patients have reported side effects like sweating profusely, nausea and headache, dry mouth, etc. Some have even experienced other symptoms that are severe in nature like labored breathing, coma, feeling dizzy, and even seizures.

Repeated intake of Oxycodone leads to tolerances. In such cases, people who are addicted to this drug require higher doses. Taking higher doses causes pain relief and enhances the feeling of euphoria and also helps prevent the withdrawal symptoms that they have been experiencing.

Oxycodone addiction causes severe side effects and it is very difficult to recover from an Oxy problem alone. This is because an Oxycodone addict becomes both mentally and physically addicted. As this prescription drug acts as a central nervous system depressant, Oxycodone stimulates the brain and the person experiences intense pleasure. It starts with an intense high and then goes on to provide relaxation and satisfaction, which lasts for many hours. This affects the respiratory system and leads to labored breathing, forcing the person to slow down. This can be fatal.

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