The U.S. is rather infamous for being the largest consumer of illicit drugs in the world. Federal law permits use of some of these drugs by medical practitioners to treat various diseases. One such drug is Roxicodone, or Oxycodone hydrochloric, as called in scientific parlance. First developed in Germany, Roxicodone has been prescribed for almost 100 years now as a painkiller.

Roxicodone is often prescribed both for mild and severe pains, as well as to calm mental nerves before surgery. Roxys can be taken orally, through intravenous injections and rectally. In the oral form, Roxicodone can be almost twice as effective as morphine, whereas if taken in intramuscular form it is only 50% as effective as morphine. 

Furthermore, there are time release and continuous release formulations of the tablets which are given in specific circumstances. However, there has been considerable Roxy abuse taking place in the form of diversion and unsupervised dosage.  

Roxicodone, also known as “hillbilly heroin,” has made its way into the list of Schedule II drug as per the Controlled Substances Act because of the high potential of abuse. However, it seems that the inclusion is not helping matters that much. The fact is that you will find many people who are abusing Roxicodone and the instances of such hazardous use has been rising constantly since the second half of the 1990s.

Side Effects

This drug can lead to two kinds of dependencies: physical and psychological. Physical addiction is where your body will keep asking for more of it. Mental addiction is where the body does not need it, but your mind craves for it. Usually, most people who are recreational users develop mental dependencies prior to its physical addiction.

When a person is on Roxicodone, the effect will be much like heroin. The brains chemistry will change and you will experience a false euphoria. A person abusing Roxys will feel tired and dizzy and begin to believe that the world around them does not exist. The experience can be so unreal and addictive that the Roxy addict will want to be on a ‘high every day, and this will ruin a person socially and economically. Further, an overdose or daily intake, because of dependency, will also ruin the bodys nervous system.

Beside these, other side effects associated with Roxicodone abuse are swelling, urination problem, severe allergies, irregular heartbeat, etc. 

Roxicodone has a larger amount of addictive properties as compared to other painkillers.Addicts have found out that when Roxy tablets are crushed and snorted or injected, the inherent properties make this more powerful for addiction. This happens because when crushed, the contents are released more rapidly. Yes, there is a warning label, but those who are dependent on Roxicodone for addiction do not pay any heed.

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