Move over bath salts. The designer drug scene has become even more crowded with the introduction of a little known synthetic hallucinogen named “smiles” or the more sterile sounding “2C-1.” This latest designer drug has been recently linked to the news that Johnny Lewis died. Lewis was an actor on the FX show Sons of Anarchy. 2C-1 is classified as a Schedule I controlled substance because of its hallucinogenic affects.

Like common illegal hallucinogens (LSD or psilocybin-stuffed mushrooms), smiles induces the user with non-fatal sensory experiences. But unlike its counterparts, when a person is on smiles they will exhibit amphetamine-like symptoms that kick the users central nervous system into overdrive. This can cause the body to have a stroke, which can lead to serious injuries including death.

This synthetically produced drug, which can be taken in powder or tablet form, is even more dangerous because it is not regulated. So like the wonderful results of the zombie-inducing bath salt market, smiles has the potential to do horrific damage to the user and to others. 

Getting Help

The side effects of Smiles are unpredictable and can vary person to person.

If you are addicted to Smiles, you will need to consider using the services of a specialized addiction treatment center. Discuss your problem with your loved ones. Ask them for moral support. More than likely, they will help you find the best drug rehab center to help treat your addiction.

Treatment centers have trained medical professionals that will help you detox from addictive Designer Drugs. Once the body has been freed from the physical dependence of the drug, then comes the time to treat the mind.

Taking the first step and asking for help is the hardest part. Call us today!

Treatment Center Checklist

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