According to the FDA every year there are more than 40,000 causalities in the U.S. due to Vicodin overdoses. Out of them, about 400 die.

Vicodin is a narcotic pill that provides pain relief. This could be mild pain or pain arising from the last stage of terminal cancer. Vicodin comprises of paracetamol and hydrocone, and is available under various names, such as Norco, Anexia, Dolacet, Lortab, Zydone, and Analor.

Although paracetamol is a mild, non-steroidal drug; hydrocone is derived from opiates. The latter is highly addictive. Since paracetamol is used to treat diseases like cold and flu; Vicodin is also prescribed to treat severe cough.

Doctors generally prescribe Vicodin to deal with severe chronic pain, such as that caused by migraine. Regular dosage makes the body dependent on Vicodin. If you do not deal with this problem from the start, Vicodin addiction is easily initiated. If a pregnant or nursing woman is addicted to Vicodin, her child is most likely to be dependent on it, as well. The thought of a new born suffering from withdrawal symptoms is frightening.

Vicodin is a Scheduled III drug that is available only through a prescription by a certified and registered medical practitioner. However, any addict can find loopholes in the system. No person and no law can really stop individuals from acquiring prescription drugs. Nobody can do that except the addict himself or herself. In a well-known case, a certain addict visited as many as 20 doctors to obtain Vicodin prescriptions. It's not uncommon for addicts to lie about their identity during these doctor shopping sprees.

Vicodin Withdrawal Symptoms

Vicodin withdrawal symptoms start showing up within 10 hours of not taking a dosage. The intensity of the symptoms increase each day without the drug. These symptoms do not subside for several weeks. However, the duration of withdrawal symptoms varies in different individuals. 

Vicodin withdrawal symptoms are also characterized by drowsiness, watery eyes, running nose, increased heart rate and fever. The person suffering from Vicodin addiction may experience depression, euphoria and nervousness.

In cases of babies whose mothers have been abusing Vicodin during pregnancy or nursing; withdrawal symptoms include constant crying, severe vomiting and fever.

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