individuals died in 2007 as a direct result of drug use.

In California, most individuals suffer from a stimulant addiction including methamphetamine.
Marijuana accounts for 25% all substance abuse treatment cases in Southern California.

Is This Where You Are From?

With California being the most populated state in the nation, the presence of drug and alcohol abuse is significant.  Over three million people in California abuse illegal and prescription drugs. Californias relationship with the Mexican border makes this a hot spot for drug transportation and abuse.  The diverse culture in cities like San Francisco plays a major role in drug trade and addiction as well.  Drugs like marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, club and prescription drugs are transported from Mexico to the U.S. through major smuggling areas in California.  Most California drug trafficking groups specialize in many kinds of drugs, as opposed to one specific drug type. 

Los Angeles remains the largest distribution area for most illegal drugs in the U.S. today, and therefore, this part of California has the greatest presence of drug abuse and addiction.  With the exception of San Francisco, northern California is predominately rural or country areas where methamphetamine addiction is thriving.  On the contrary, heroin is still the most abused drug in San Francisco.  Sacramento contains mostly methamphetamine abuse, while heroin and crack cocaine abuse are present in Oakland.

Mexican trafficking organizations obtain cocaine from Colombian drug lords and then move their product into the U.S. through the border in California.  This makes cocaine widely available throughout the state.  The Mexican cartels specialty is this transportation and smuggling of cocaine into the U.S.  Most of our countrys cocaine comes in from Mexican-American ports in California.  The product is then moved inconspicuously to Los Angeles where it is bagged and distributed.

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