increase in the number of meth lab seizures in 2007.

Drug related deaths is the second most common death among young people in Florida.

You are NOT alone!!

When one thinks of Florida, they think of warm sunshine, luxurious beaches, heavenly clouds and gorgeous sunsets.  The state of Florida has a wide variety of culture mixed with cuisine and the appropriate combination of art décor meshed with metropolitan city life.  Behind the glitz, glamour and beauty of Floridas coastal back drop, there is a secret world of money laundering and drug trafficking.  Florida happens to be one of the major transporting states for shipments of cocaine and heroin entering North America.  Drugs are predominately smuggled in through Floridas huge coastline.  Smugglers use cargo ships, submarines and couriers to transport these highly addictive substances that are then dispersed throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Along with the mixed culture comes a variety of drug organizations.  South Florida is known for its wide variety and wonderful mixture of ethnicities and nationalities.  Mexican drug families are responsible for distributing methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine and heroin throughout the state of Florida.  Because of this, South Florida is the primary cocaine distribution for the U.S.  

A recent trend in Florida, doctor shopping, is bringing more tourists to Florida, but not for the sunny weather.  Currently, Florida is in a prescription drug addiction crisis.  Florida has the highest sales of prescription painkillers, with 12.6 kilograms of prescription painkillers sold for every 10,000 Floridians. These statistics are high because Florida does not have a prescription drug monitoring program like other states. Therefore, people are traveling from all over the country to Florida to get their fix with the new drug of choice, pharmaceutical pills.  It is not wonder that pharmaceutical drugs are responsible for more than double the amount of overdose deaths when compared to deaths related to cocaine, heroin and meth combined in Florida.  

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