individuals recieved treatment for addiction in 2006.

77% of all individuals in Indiana abuse alcohol in part or fully alongside another substance.

The State of Indiana's proximity to Lake Michigan makes it a major transportation hub for drug traffickers. The state also is home to a number of interstate highways, which makes drug distribution simple for traffickers. The majority of the drug trade in Indiana is controlled by drug cartels that distribute cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana. These groups are associated with violent crimes and create turmoil throughout the state. 

The Drug Enforcement Administration recently created the Mobile Enforcement Teams, in order to better respond to the growing drug violence in the towns and cities of Indiana.   The DEA regional teams have helped increase DEA division resources by specifically targeting drug operations in the United States where local drug law enforcement is lacking. 

The State of Indiana recognizes the imprisonment of every drug offender is not cost effective and that not all drug addicts are criminals. In 2001, legislation was passed which allows non-violent drug offenders to receive drug treatment, home detention or work release programs instead of prison time. The State of Indiana has made significant improvements in their drug treatment and rehabilitation programs with money seized from drug raids.

Indiana offers many quality drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers with various programs and services to meet each addicts unique needs. Anyone seeking to get help for a drug or alcohol addiction should explore each program before committing. Every center is different in the programs they offer, it is important to find one that makes you feel the most comfortable.

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