were the number one reason individuals sought treatment in 2010.

The number of meth lab seizure incidents in the state of Kentucky increased 138%, from 297 incidents in 2007 to 706 incidents in 2009.
Drug-induced deaths in Kentucky exceeds the national average.

Addiction is a complex disorder that results in excessive use of drugs. Though the addict may be aware of the adverse effects of drugs, they cannot control the desire to consume the drug. They feel severe cravings and cannot tolerate the psychological need to fulfill the cravings.  Despite strict drug laws, drug abuse continues to increase. There are cases related to consumption, possession and distribution of drugs. Not just that, drug abuse also includes prescription medicines and over-the-counter painkillers that can lead to addiction when used often.

Kentucky is at the forefront of the prescription pill epidemic as statistics show that 82 Kentuckians die each month from drug overdoses.  Even more alarming is the number of babies being born with drug withdrawal syndrome.  In Kentucky, between 7,000 and 8,000 babies are born every year addicted to drugs, according to statistics.  For this reason, Kentucky expanded its prescription monitoring system to better combat this problem in April 2012. The program called KASPER (the Kentucky all prescription electronic reporting), tracks all controlled substances dispensed in the state. The program does credential checks to make sure that the pills are not being misused.

Along with KASPER, the state of Kentucky offers a range of drug and alcohol rehabiliation centers to help those that suffer from the disease of addiction.  Finding the right program for you can play a pivotal role in achieving sobriety.

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