is the most commonly abused substance in the state.

Michigan has 12 facilities that are owned/operated by Tribal government(s) and two programs that offer treatment in American Indian/Alaska Native language(s).

Is this Michigan?

In recent years, Michigan has had an alarming growth in drug and alcohol addiction throughout the state.  The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration stated that 65,029 Michigan residents were admitted to drug and alcohol rehab programs in 2010.  The most commonly abused drugs in the state besides alcohol are cocaine, heroin, marijuana and prescription pills.  

Michigan is one of 15 states in the country where prescription drug overdose is the second leading cause of unintentional death, just behind automobile crashes. This fact is made even more alarming because of the abuse of prescription pill abuse in adolescents. According to data collected by NSDUH, Michigan ranks among the top five in prescription drug misuse among youth in the nation. For many Michigan teens, prescription pills are even more easily accessible than illicit street drugs, with OxyContin and Vicodin being two of the most frequently abused prescription opioids.  

There are a number of Michigan addiction treatment centers in the Detroit area that vary in the types of rehab they offer. It is important that research is conducted in order to find the proper drug rehab program for the person seeking help with their addiction.

When seeking a Michigan addiction treatment center, it is always important to talk with the center about the treatment(s) available. Different treatments vary in time and cost; therefore, it is important to conduct proper research to find the right rehab program. Rehab centers offer emotional counseling to deal with the stressors that brought the addiction on in the first place as well as how to deal with situations that may trigger a return to addiction.

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