people cited heroin as their drug of choice.

There were 23,136 arrests for marijuana offenses in Missouri in 2007, representing an arrest rate of 394 per 100,000, which ranks Missouri at number 10 in the nation.

Missouri Needs Help.

The state of Missouri is no stranger to the drug and alcohol threat.  According to the Department of Mental Health in 2011, there were 29,560 Missouri residents admitted to state supported facilities for use of one or more illicit drugs. The most abused drug in the state is marijuana, with over about 25.7% of treatment admissions citing marijuana as a factor.

Other popularly abused drugs include cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamines and perhaps the most commonly abused, heroin and opiates.  Of the 28,498 illicit drug mentions that were recorded by the DHSS during hospital admissions of Missouri residents for medical treatment, 24,370 patients cited heroin and opiates as a factor. This means that for all illicit drug diagnosis, 45.8% or (13, 052) were heroin and opiates related.  OxyContin is the most widely abused drug as a substitute to Heroin, with the illegal distribution of Vicodin and Morphine not far behind.  Amphetamines are another increasing problem in Missouri, with over 5,000 admissions to a treatment program in 2010.

The drug industry in Missouri continues to grow both in exportation and distribution of illegal substances on an interstate basis.  Drug use in Missouri has had a negative impact on the state as a whole, with a lot of resources being used to control the problem.  Efforts continue to be made across state and local law enforcement to curb the alcohol and drug problem across the state.

Many Missouri drug rehab centers treat those who are addicted to drugs on an individual basis. Every individuals addiction is unique to them and requires a personalized treatment program. To learn more about drug and alcohol rehab centers in Missouri, please call our 24 hour hotline. Our treatment counselors will answer all your questions and help you find the best treatment program for you. 

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