New Mexico
New Mexico

for the Mexican Drug Cartel.

New Mexico drug-induced deaths (23.9 per 100,000 population) exceeded the national rate (12.7 per 100,000).

Your New Mexico?

Drug and alcohol abuse in New Mexico is a constant battle for government and local law enforcement.  Substance abuse continues to be a persistent health program from a large majority of the New Mexico population. Its geographic location near Mexico, makes it a hotspot for Mexican drug cartels.  

Painkiller addiction has become a serious threat all over the United States, including New Mexico. In New Mexico, the situation is more serious because of the easy availability of painkiller drugs without a doctors prescription. The most popular painkillers that are abused include Norco, Vicodin and OxyContin.  These painkillers contain sedatives and other properties that are harmful, especially when they are frequently abused. Many users take such drugs to experience an instant result and the effect in many instances is much like heroin. Once they have become addicted, they simply need more of such drugs. Prescription drug addiction can be both physical and psychological and both of these are bad for a user's health.

To combat this ongoing battle with prescription drug abuse, New Mexico has implemented a prescription drug monitor program has been active since 2005. This allows every pharmacy in New Mexico the ability to set up patient utilization reports of controlled substances dispensed. This online program makes it easy for pharmacists to check past and current prescriptions for patients  in order to prevent misuse.


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