New York
New York

of addicts started before they were 18.

In 2010, 23,719 people smoked cocaine and entered treatment with an additional 12,265 who received treatment for cocaine consumed by other means than smoking.

The Big Apple??

New York City is one of the biggest drug abuse and distribution areas in the country.  Due to its large population, geographical location and diverse culture, the state of New York continues to dominate the drug trade.  Cocaine, heroin, marijuana, pharmaceutical drugs and recently, methamphetamine, can be found throughout the state of New York.  Drug smugglers from New York distribute their product as far North as Canada and as far west as Chicago. Cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine are some of the most popular drugs abused in New York along with prescription painkillers. 

Cocaine addiction happens to be one of the biggest drug problems in the state of New York.  Mexican and Colombian crime families are responsible for the majority of cocaine in New York.  After their product is transported to the U.S. through New York City, it is distributed to New York City based crime organizations. 

Another drug concern in New York is heroin, which usually distributed by Dominican and Colombian drug organizations in New York City. The heroin in New York is some of the purest available.  Smugglers come up with creative ways to transport their product from Columbia to New York City.  Techniques like secreting heroin in clothing or shoes and molding the drug into plastic are used by these crime organizations to transport the illegal product to the U.S.  A chemical extraction process is then used for converting the substance back to heroin.

Methamphetamine abuse can be found in the State of New York, but mostly in the northern portion.  Meth addiction destroys many individuals, families and communities in New York.  Upstate New York has been involved in a number of methamphetamine lab busts.  While authorities have cracked down on meth production, the powerful stimulant can still be found throughout the state. The Combat Methamphetamine Act of 2005 made the sale of pseudoephedrine illegal, so meth production in New York decreased dramatically.  Today, the majority of the meth found in New York is produced in Mexico or California. 

Within the last fifteen years a trend in all night dance parties called “raves” have attracted both teens and dangerous illegal drugs.  A common trend at these parties involves “rolling,” or dropping tablets of Ecstasy.  Ecstasy is made from the substance MDMA and can be found at these parties in New York.  Teens may find other drugs like roofies, liquid G, Special K, acid and speed available at these gatherings as well.  What many teens do not realize is that combining these substances with other drugs or alcohol can be lethal.

New York prescription drug addiction is on the rise for adults and teens alike. More teenagers have access to pharmaceutical drugs today than ever before.  Our teens dont have to look further than their parents medicine cabinets to get their next high.  Recent trends in “pill parties” and doctor shopping in New York contributed to this increase in prescription drug addiction throughout the state.  In fact, pharmaceutical drug abuse is surpassing the use of marijuana in many states, including New York. The most commonly abused prescription drugs in New York include benzodiazepines and opiates. The chemical properties of prescription drugs are very highly addictive, both physically and psychologically.  Many feel that because these drugs are prescribed by a doctor  that they are not addicting.  Unfortunately, this is just not true.  Prescription drugs are just as dangerous as street drugs like crack and heroin.

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