North Dakota
North Dakota

In 2010, 871 people entered treatment for alcohol with an additional 562 people admitted for suffering from alcohol abuse combined with a secondary drug.

You are Not Alone.

The state of North Dakota recognizes that alcohol and drugs are a serious problem in their communities.  A particular concern to residents was the consumption of alcohol and its contribution to other drug use.  North Dakota ranks #1 in the nation for binge drinking for the 18-25 year age group and 26 + age group.

Besides alcohol, methamphetamine trafficking and use continues to be a primary concern for law enforcement and public health officials.  Currently, no single drug trafficking organization dominates the distribution of meth.

The most growing drug abuse concern in North Dakota is the abuse of prescription pills, particularly opioids.  This problem is surpassing methamphetamine use. Recent statistics reveal that prescription drug overdoses killed more people in North Dakota than firearms in 2009.  Prescription pill abuse is not isolated to adults. In fact, almost 1 in 6 high school students have taken a prescription drug without a doctors prescription.  Many times, these pills are simply leftovers found in their parents medicine cabinet.

Two statewide programs have been implemented to combat this ongoing prescription pill battle in North Dakota. First, the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, which helps pharmacies identify medication abusers by tracking a patients prescription, who wrote it and where it was filled.  The second program, the Take-Back program, allows residents to drop off leftover pills from prescriptions at designated locations.

Both programs are aimed to provide the state of North Dakota with the necessary tools to limit prescription pill abuse.

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