Rhode Island
Rhode Island

In 2009, 51% of motor vehicle fatalities involved alcohol, compared to the national rate of 42%. Put that together with an out of control designer drug club scene, and Rhode Island has a serious drug epidemic.


Prescription drug abuse is becoming a major epidemic in Rhode Island and accidental overdoses from prescription painkillers have surpassed all other causes of death.

As pharmaceutical companies release more and more drugs each year, their availability has become more prominent. Doctors are quick to prescribe pain medicine for every ache and pain. Many people take these substances thinking they are good for them, because a doctor has prescribed them. Often these substances are highly addictive when taken for a prolonged period of time. Prescription drugs can be deadly when combined with alcohol. 

Illicit drugs are also a problem in Rhode Island. The states central location between Boston and New York make drugs easily attainable. Marijuana is the most widely available drug in the state, and is popular among teens and young adults. Marijuana is often mixed with prescription painkillers to produce a better trip. This is extremely dangerous and the side effects can be hazardous to ones health. Likewise, club drugs are popular among the young of Rhode Island. MDMA from Canada and Boston are commonly abused by teenagers and young adults as well.

Heroin is also available throughout towns and cities in the state of Rhode Island. The majority of heroin is transported by Colombian drug cartels and is smuggled into the state through air, land and sea.
Whatever your addiction, Rhode Island offers a variety of treatment programs for residence. Long term success through a treatment program depends on selecting the right treatment center for you. With the help of our professional counselors, you will find a treatment program that is just right for you.

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