South Dakota
South Dakota

of Native Americans suffer from an addiction. 

What the heck...

As methamphetamine addiction and alcohol abuse grow throughout the state, the need for quality rehabilitation centers in South Dakota has become more necessary. The majority of illicit drugs are distributed by Mexican drug cartels, but home grown marijuana is readily available in rural towns and cities across the state as well.  While cocaine and heroin are the most predominantly abused drugs, the methamphetamine market is booming.

In the towns and cities of South Dakota, substance abuse is a frequent problem, but for particular communities drug and alcohol abuse is even more common. One of those communities is the Native American community. Statistics reveal that Native Americans are more likely to suffer from the disease of addiction. For this reason, many treatment centers offer programs tailored toward the members of the Native American community. These programs address specific issues that they are going through in order to better help them achieve sobriety.

Alcohol is often the culprit in the majority of arrests in the state, with South Dakota ranking consistently first or second in the nation for alcohol related crime offenses. Alcohol abuse affects not only your health and family life, but also your productivity and the community safety at large.

The purpose of substance abuse treatment finder is to help you quickly find the best South Dakota drug rehabilitation center for you. We have an extensive network and knowledge of the available programs and can help guide you through this difficult process. 

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