is wrecking lives.

The number of drug overdose deaths in Tennessee increased from 422 in 2001 to 1,059 in 2010. This is a 250% increase in 10 years.

You are Not Alone.

Tennessee being surrounded by eight states gives it easy access to all major cities. It has huge areas of rural land and a heavy inflow of commercial traffic. This has facilitated drug traffickers to use the large forest lands in Tennessee to grow marijuana and to smuggle and distribute illegal drugs to other states across the country.

Drug addiction and trafficking in Tennessee has been a major source of concern for the government. It has led to gang violence, crime and theft in the state, especially in the interior areas. The large rural and mountainous area of Tennessee has been exploited by drug traffickers and locally grown marijuana is a major problem in the state. To counteract the drug problem several Tennessee drug treatment programs have been launched by the government and many private organizations.

These Tennessee drug rehab programs use structured and individualized medical treatment options to give addicts an insight into their chemical dependency. Both adult and adolescent drug rehab programs in Tennessee are available for drug detoxification, rehabilitation, therapy and aftercare. Such programs not only encourage patients to stop using drugs but also help them to reincorporate themselves into mainstream living and achieve productivity at work, home and in society. The treatment plan may include intensive family program, drug education program, aftercare program, and supportive adult and teen alumni groups.

Even though many people think Tennessee drug rehabilitation programs to be ineffective, but scientific data has proven that like any other chronic medical illness, drug addiction is completely curable. However, you need to have realistic expectations – the problem is more than simply using the drugs, hence it cannot be cured quickly. Since it is a chronic disorder, the ultimate solution is long term abstinence which may require continued and repeated treatment.

So, if you or a loved one is victim of the vicious cycle of substance abuse, join a drug addiction treatment program today and let the experts guide you through your journey of recovery. Let trained counselors help you make the right decision in finding the best drug and alcohol rehab for you. 

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