DUI offenders are currently in jail.

Cocaine, Heroin and Marijuana have become the drugs of choice here. Vermont ranked #1 in the nation for past-year use of Cocaine with young adults 18-25.

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Because of its proximity to Canada, Vermont is an easy target for drug traffickers to smuggle drugs across the border. Use of cocaine, heroin and marijuana has become a major cause of concern especially in urban areas of Vermont. Because of this huge influx of drugs into the state and the corresponding increase in the crime rate and drug related gang violence, public awareness sessions and drug rehab centers and treatment programs have become the need of the hour in Vermont.

In 2007-2008, Vermont ranked first among all states in several drug-use categories among persons age 12-17: past-month illicit drug use; past-year marijuana use; and past-month marijuana use. Vermont also ranked first in the Nation for past-year cocaine use among young adults age 18-25. Source: National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 2007-2008.

The Vermont Office of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs provides drug treatment services and alcohol rehab in Vermont with contracted non-profit agencies. It is extremely important that the needs of the person match the addiction treatment service being offered in order to achieve the best results; therefore, carefully research treatment options in order to choose the correct drug treatment center in Vermont to meet the needs of an addict. Knowing the treatment services provided is important because this can result in a significant difference in the persons addiction treatment, the effectiveness of the treatment, as well as time and cost. It is important to discuss all aspects of a treatment program with the staff at the rehab center.

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