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Mirror Inc.

Located in Kansas, Mirror Inc. offers substance abuse services to men and women who are chemically dependent. Services that are provided at Mirror Inc. consist of inpatient care, intensive outpatient, outpatient, and residential care. Mirror Inc. uses evidence based practices in all of their treatment programs while providing safety and care to all individuals in their program. Upon admission into the programs each individual will receive a personalized assessment so that they may receive the best care that is appropriate for their unique needs. Depending on the assessment and evaluation each individuals will be assigned which program is their best fit. The mission statement at Mirror Inc. is to provide substance abuse prevention and treatment, correctional and other community health and human services to people in need.

The intermediate program at Mirror Inc. is highly structured and provides individuals with 24 hour care and supervision. During this program clients will be actively participating in daily functions and services that help them build a solid foundation in recovery.  Intensive outpatient is also available and consists of treatment services 3-4 days a week that provide support and guidance for each individual. Average length of stay in the IOP program is 4 to 6 weeks. The reintegration program at Mirror Inc. serves as a residential program that helps individuals prepare to enter back into society with the life skills and tools they need. Additional programs that are available to individuals include a gambling treatment program and in-prison treatment programs. 

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