Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program Basics

Inpatient programs that treat patients with substance addictions are designed to not only provide freedom from the addiction, but rehabilitation as well. The aim is to teach the patient new behavior patterns and help him or her learn experientially why these should be preferred to the ones used earlier. Once these behavior patterns have been learned, the recovering addict is taught how to get back to his regular life free from substance abuse.

Services provided in an inpatient treatment program include 

  • Psychological tests 
  • Individual and/or group therapy sessions 
  • Family therapy 
  • A strict schedule with allotted times for work, exercise, and recreation. 
  • Post care programs

Research has shown that for patients with alcohol and substance abuse problems, inpatient treatments result in fewer complications and relapses because the addicts process can be better monitored. Treatment can easily be adapted if it is deemed ineffective.

Inpatient programs are commonly criticized because the conditions created within the facility do not mirror those existing in the real world. The fear is that once outside the facility, the behavior patterns that are desirable could be easily forgotten. This is all the more likely in an environment that contains the same stress and worries as earlier. One of the goals of an inpatient treatment program is to get you to think about ways in which the environment contributes to the problem and also how this can be changed.

Inpatient Rehabilitation isnt for everyone. Let us help you determine whether or not an inpatient treatment program is the best course of action for you or your loved one. Call today, to speak to one of our trained professional counselors.

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