After completing a medical detox and undergoing a clinical assessment, you may be recommended to complete a residential treatment program. This program is an alternative to an intensive inpatient program.

The structure of a residential program varies depending on the treatment center. Some programs do not allow visitors while others allow you to come and go as you please. Like an inpatient program, a residential program provides a structured environment, but it is a more home-like environment. There is a medical team available but many times you will not be under 24 hour monitoring. To be admitted into a residential program, you will have to be declared medically and mentally stable. 

The goal of residential treatment is to remove the addict from their previous unhealthy environment by removing temptation and allowing them the space to focus entirely on their health and recovery. This fresh start is sometimes all it takes to finally move toward successful recovery from a substance addiction.

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Treatment Center Checklist

Are you considering a treatment center? Here are some helpful topics for you to review before you decide on a particular program.


Residential Beds for Client's Children

Find a rehab center that allows you to have your children close.

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