What is the refund policy?  Will the deposit be refunded if the patient never enters?

Finally it is important to look for a full level of continuing care.  Patients may not fully recover in 30 days.  This means that the best programs will determine the length of stay through accomplishments as opposed to specific times.  Also, it is important that the program offers additional resources should a patient wish to continue treatment out of the program area.  What does a follow up program provide?  At the very least a good program will have phone consultations available to graduate in addition to the aftercare plan.


There is no question that finances will play an important role in the determination of where one receives treatment.  Insurance coverage will vary depending on the individual's policy.  Many programs bill for services separately.  You must understand that the insurance company may not pay for some services and that the patient may be responsible for these charges.

Options for treatment may be limited by the patient's ability to pay.  Scholarships may be available, but vary in amount.  Some programs will also offer financial aid in the form of loans.  Most of these are provided by a loan company.  Many of these charge very high interest rates depending on the patient's credit scores.  It is often possible for a third party with a good credit score to guarantee the loan.  This will usually reduce the interest rate.

Other funding sources should also be considered (family, low interest credit rates or home equity loans).  Do not be embarrassed to ask the facility if they can work with you on the price of treatment.

Treatment Center Checklist

Are you considering a treatment center? Here are some helpful topics for you to review before you decide on a particular program.


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